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Setting Up For Success Sunday! {1}


So for my first official Setting Up For Success Sunday,  I’d like to share something  that B and I have been doing for quite some time to help focus our upcoming week. Its not so much morning related but sets the whole weeks off so that your morning, and every other part of your day, starts the best it can. Every Sunday we sit down and go over our goals for the week and map out where we would like to fit certain things in or set deadlines for ourselves. We call this our board of directors meeting haha. This helps us as business owners keep each other accountable and to see exactly what is on our plate for the upcoming days. It gives us a really nice birds eye view and helps us stay on the same page with our busy life.

Sunday planning

Today we did it over brunch at one of my favorite coney islands. (If you’re not from Michigan, a coney island is similar to a family owned dinner.) They have HUGE mugs for coffee and great service. We talked about business goals and made plans for our out of town trip this weekend to Louisville Kentucky. If you’re single I feel giving yourself at least 15 –  20 minutes in the beginning of your week to refocus after the weekend can be a huge help.

into the wild

We of course made a point to have some relaxation time which ultimately just leads to laying on the floor talking and playing with Frank the Tank. It took us a good 6 months when we first moved in to agree on a couch we both liked. So even 2+ years later were still in the habit of sitting on floor rather on the couch. Does anyone else do this?… Anyways, to have a successful week its important to make sure you’ve had time to decompress so that you’re recharged. If you don’t it can lead to burn out, which is never good for anyone. So whether its silly time in the middle of your living room or something more dignified like reading a book, make sure you do it and take some time for yourself!

What do you guys do to start the week off right? Is anyone out there still a big kid who still rolls around on the floor? But who doesn’t like a big tickle fight once in a while…

Chat soon!



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